Clear tutorial on how to use actions

I searched on the blender wiki for a tutorial showing,
how to make an action, and how to put it in the animation.
but I couldn’t find anythin.

What are the steps on how to make actions?
(Like saving walk cycle into an action)

And how to put it in the animation?
(Like dragging it to the animation timeline…?)

Any simple tutorial??? :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

ah im not much ahead of you in the wiki tutorials but if you split your window once then make the second one the animation window and split the animation window again and have the second one as the timeline.

have your character in its first frame of animation at frame 1 press control + i (records the animation) and select locrot which captures its location and rotation. repeat for the frames.

thats basiclly all i know if you havent already read this:
relevant information to this continues onto the next page and possibly more

Try this:

For more information, you might check out the book in my signature.