Clear unwrap?

I kinda screwed up my UVunwrap. So how do I restore the unwrap to the state before I done the unwrap function and the archimap script? It’s not possible at all to texture it anymore.

Please help.

Just go into edit mode, press A to select all, press Ctrl+E and do “Clear Seams” and then re-do your seams.

When you then unwrap it again afterwards, it will delete the old UV map and create the new one.

(I think, I may have misunderstood the question)

in the edit buttons, mesh tab, you can click the Delete button next to the “TexFace” label- this’ll clear your UV info entirely. I’m not sure if it’s what you want, so save first before trying it.

Thanks for the help. It took too long to get an answer (yes, I’m a bit impatient) so I tried to come up with my own solution and I found out that it’s easier if you work just with some faces and then you go on to the next faces. I’m not very experienced in texturing that’s why I asked such a dumb question.