Clearing animation render?

Ok this question might confuse you but here I go:

Is there a way to clear the animation renderings, say i render a 12 frame animation but it goes all the way to 100??? Ive set the frames to 1 to 12 but it still does the animation to 100? is there any way to clear the other frames from the rendering?

If you mean it keeps playing back all those extra frames then yes, you can clear them.

Blender is saving the animation as images and when it plays back, it plays all the images it can find together in a sequence - regardless of the animation frame settings. So, what you have to do is go to the folder where the images are being saved and delete all those with a frame number higher than 12. This will solve the problem.

Thanks a bunch andy d thats like the 10th time youve saved my butt!