Clearing Rotation, Scale and Location issue

Is there a way to clear an objects’ rotation scale and location WITHOUT moving the object in space. ALT R, ALT S, and ALT G clear the numerical value to zero, but move the object. It really is a pain when you apply target constraints, only to find that the axis are not where you expect them to be.

Ctrl-A: “Apply Size and Rotation”.

This won’t clear the Location, but will clear size and rotation, making the current size and rotation 1 and 0 respectivly.

Don’t know about location, but a workaround would be to enter edit mode, move the mesh in the same direction and distance as the object’s curent location, and then leave edit mode and then clear the location, which would leave the object at Zero but your mesh at wherever it was.

I believe that is because location CAN"T be cleared, because it is actual world coordinates… like 0,0,0 is the origin where the axis meet, and anywhere you move the object it what its loc values are.

So you can’t clear the location of an object at 5,5,5: because that would move it back to the origin.

Hope this helps!

Ctrl+A as MacGyver said
Then move the cursor to the centre of the scene with Shift+C and click “Centre Cursor” in editbuttons (F9)