clearing the datablock drop down menus

I’m adding materials and textures to a mesh I modeled. I want to add new materials and textures and use the model over and over. I find that even though I erase/clear materials and textures from the material and texture lists and datablocks, they persist in the drop down menus of those material and testure datablocks (obtained by clicking the icon to the left of the datablock entry.) Anyone have any ideas??

I’d also like to know how to clear those, they get so cluttered!

I have done this in the UV editor window and it works fine.

Select the Browse Image button and select the image you want to get rid of. If it has a “L” in front of the name, it’s linked. If it has a “F” in front of it, it’s set to be saved, even if it’s not used (called a “fake user” data block).

Select the image and while pressing and holding the shift key, select the “x” button to the left (to the right of the “+” button).

That texture will be cleared out. If you browse the images again, you will still see the image in the list, but with a “0” in front of it. This indicates that it’s not in use and will be removed once you close the file.

This should apply to materials and textures as well. :confused: