Clermont Cathedral


(Wig42) #1

Well it’s finally finished. Learned a lot of new tricks and techniques doing this model. I’ve enjoyed doing it but am looking forward to my next project. Anyway here are the final Day & Night renders.

Hope you like the images.

Cheers, Wayne (Wig42)

(Wig42) #2

Some daytime images

(simonbar50) #3

Alright, you fooled me. I want to say these are photos but I guess that’s the ultimate compliment right? Absolutely astounding and honestly motivating. Amazing work mate!

(ToxicTuba) #4

WOW! This looks great.
The flat color background on the nightscenes bothers me though, some sky texture would have made it even better.
The dayscenes look great and I really like the overblooming daylight, great colorchoise.
I have no idea what it is in the background right on the second daylight shot :slight_smile:

(like) #5

Pretty amazing. Do you have any clay renders???

(Wig42) #6

Thanks a lot guys. Glad you like it.

I idn’t have any clay renders but I just did a few. Had to remove the trees though cos they are just alpha mapped planes, not to good for clay renders lo

(dudecon) #7

Wow. Are you using displacement, or is that all done with normal maps?

(Wig42) #8

dudecon, Displacement and normals. Here’s the node tree for the stonework.

(WeakFredo) #9

You really got something here.

Love the daytime shots but the nighttime shots aren’t as effective. Maybe it’s the background like ToxicTuba said. Don’t know.

Great achievement.

(Okavango) #10

Great stuff Wig42!

(jkon) #11

Fantastic job Wayne. I know how frustrating replicating complex architecture from referance photos can be.( I presume you dont have the technical drawings for Clermont Cathedral). Nice work on the textures and lighting. Prefer the night shots myself. There are a couple of things I would suggest a bit of tweaking might improve.
The front doors are clearly an image plane, having gone to the trouble of modeling all those windows I would go the extra yard and model the doors. The windows are a bit too reflective in the front day shot with the reflection also too consistant. I’m guessing the bishop of Claremont doesnt get his windows cleaned every fortnight. A grunge mask with emphisis around the frames would probably help and something to actually reflect, an hdr or image dedicated to reflections or something. I think the displacement on the spires could be lowered a little, it seems a bit strong,grabs the eye too easy, could be just me. I would also add some decoration to the spires, they do have those things that look like cows tongues on them.

That said, again great work all round.

(Wig42) #12

Thanks jkon, some great advice there. I’m busy on a new project now but when I get chance to revisit it I will defo use your suggestions. Oh and btw you made me LOL at the cows tongues bit, thought that was brilliant.

(like) #13

wow. I am impressed. I half though the first images were photographs. Thanks!

(Harpyja) #14

I wanted to write something constructive, but first I have to get my jaw from the floor.

(Wig42) #15

Thanks so much for all the great comments guys.

Cheers Wig

(Photox) #16

Holy crap how did I miss this? Epic and amazing!!!

(iarga) #17

That’s a lot of work. I’m impressed by your 3d modelling.

(BlenderWillie) #18

Really amazing, great job.

I’m very impressed by the window lattice structure that comes through at certain viewing angles.

(Michael George) #19

Awesome modeling, awesome materials, awesome lighting, awesome everything!

(Joey Blendhead) #20

Night shots are magnificent, but those day shots… I thought they were your reference. This is definitely the most realistic renderings I’ve ever seen done in Blender. I hope to see this in the next Blender Demo Reel as well.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at all if these were reported as being images… 10/10 Easy! Great job :slight_smile: