Cleveland Museum of Art 3D Scans (cc by attribution)

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but Cleveland Museum of Art has a CC0 archive of 3D scanned dimensional artwork:

It’s pretty cool and might be useful for certain scenes.


Just as a random aside related to this: if anyone ever gets to Cleveland, that art museum is really worth going to,

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I am playing a bit with these pieces: they’re both incredibly detailed and very well scanned. It’s kind of fun to throw away the textures and just look at the outlines:

Made with models that are cc by attribution 4.0, Cleveland Museum of Art.

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If you go digging on Sketchfab there is SO MUCH amazing CC0 stuff stashed by various museums as well as individuals. I definitely bookmarked the Cleveland Museum of Art!

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CC0 is something we’re currently looking in to. More news soon!

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Oops I may have used the wrong CC classification in my description. I meant the flavor with attribution that allows commercial use… I think.

Is there some CC0 stuff coming to Sketchfab? I actually think the attribution bit could be crucial in binding artists together. But maybe theres a need?

Fixed the title – cc by attribution. :slight_smile: Either is great, as far as I am concerned.

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