Cleveland Ohio Blender user group forming

Hey all, I am hearing word that peeps are trying to form a Blender user group in Cleveland, Ohio again.

Some have tried it in the past. Here’s and old 2010 thread just for reference:

My recommendation to succeed this time is to take advantage of these groups and when there is enough people have someone sponsor the group and pay the $100 to start a blender focused meetup group. The groups below have either done a blender focused Meetup or mentioned blender or are a good type of group in my experience to find blender users. Also any type of maker or builder space group is also good because of blender’s 3D printing capabilities. Of course there’s always Facebook also.

Good luck Cleveland!

Group list:
Game Developers Group:
Animation Group:
Motion Graphics Group:
Python Interest Group:

I know this is a relatively old post, but is there any update on this? I’m looking for other artists/animators in the area who are interested in possibly collaborating on projects!

Ya, not only is it still happening, it’s a lot bigger than when I first posted, lol. I don’t have time ATM to elaborate so I’ll post again as soon as I can. Thanks for chiming in…

@ricsion ^ ^

Ok, the Cleveland group is making noise again. Most the growth is on the west side of the Cleveland region. Ricsion I’ll PM you. If anybody else is interested post here or PM me.

The west side Cleveland group has ties to the technology, mechatronics and media production industries in the region. Looks like they are converting an old barn to be a production studio. They are looking at closed warehouses also but the barn is in the front running.

Woot woot! Fun stuff…

I would be interested in this group as well. Thanks!

I’ll check in soon and post the progress here. Thanks for your interest!

Also interested in this group, can someone post me a link or contact info for the group?


Im gonna reply again, b/c I didnt get a response before – I would be very interested in this type of a group, is there any activity?

It doesn’t look like the group has gone public yet. After Thanksgiving I’ll check in and see how it’s going and let you know.

Thanks, I’ll look forward to it

If they are looking for members, I’m interested too.

I have a couple more relative organizations that might help seed a group by providing a nice meeting location. PM each other and see what side of town you guys are on. If you guys are close enough then PM me and let me know.

Im from the Medina area, south and west of cleveland


Ok, I message those of you that haven’t PM’d me yet to let me know about where you are in town. So check your PMs and we’ll figure out a central area.

There’s some activity on Blender Nation about an Ohio Blender user meeting. Hopefully the Hillard location is accessible enough in the Columbus region to draw a good crowd.