Cleveland, Ohio Blender User Group

Are they any Blender User Groups in Cleveland, Ohio? If not, How do you start one?

Not that I’ve heard of. I live about and hour south of cleveland, and I’ve gone to a small blender presentation at my girlfriends college in Mansfield (2 hours from cleveland) but if a group were to form I would definitely try to head in that direction more often :wink:

QS Dragon

Do you know how to get one started? I want to eventually created web episodes of space travel adventures, something like star trek and need a community here in Cleveland or all Ohio to help with modeling and concepts.

Well, getting one started wouldn’t in itself be hard, all we need is a location (probably library or someones house, most likely need support for wifi internet or at least some type of easy access networking if we plan to do a group project) some orders of business (structure helps alot for these things, else we’d all just chit chat for 3 hours and never get anything done. Things we would probably do is intro to blender 2.5, group modelling/texturing/rendering sections for newbies, and actually work on some form of group project, like your web-show idea). Those two are the easy steps, the hardest is finding and keeping members.

We could make an irc channel for “northern ohio blender users,” which would be much easier to uphold than a physical meeting, and we’d all be able to communicate whenever. (I’m actually really for this idea, since if we can get said irc channel up and running, with 5+ active members, then a physical group with meetings and such would fall in place.) I have alot of group leader experience from my youth group (my last year, so sad) and can attest that finding and keeping new members is the absolute hardest part of any kind of group.

Are there any northern ohio blender users who would be interested in forming an IRC channel to chat / find quick, local help / work on a group project together / possibly form a local group like mentioned above?

Yo Dragon,
I saw the ship that you have designed. It is nice. It is something that I am looking for with a little for armor and fire power. We got to hook up some in the future.My modeling skills is not good as yours but I am a editor and videographer by trade. I just want to finally produce and direct a few shorts that blender can be used for in sci-fy films.

I’d be interested in teaming up, but to be honest I’m much more interested in getting a northern ohio irc room up and active. If we can accomplish that, then compiling a team for animation would be easy, plus we’d get to meet up with all the local artists who’re hiding around here :wink:

Hello all new to the forum, glad to be here. I have been playing with Blender off and on for 2 years. I’m still so lost with many things. Looking to start or join a Ohio Blender User Group, I’m from the west suburbs of Cleveland. I would love to be able to get together with people and work and continue to learn Blender

Please give me a e-mail if anyone is interested!!!

OhioBlenderUserGroup or OBUG if you will.

I was in Ohio does that count :wink:

Yes it counts. Ohio members or X members will always count.

OBUG is nice. Lets get a chat going starting October. I should be finished with personal projects by then. Anyone else who will like to blender talk over a cup of coffee in remote shop lets get together. Email me at [email protected].

I am trying to learn blender for every aspect of filming. I am not a character modeler, but a videographer, editor and a bootleg compositor. At the rate that blender’s development is moving, I can see myself replacing LightWave and C4D for my independent films. QS Dragon has a nice space battleship. Everybody should check it out.

Hey Dragon,
I don’t have a clue in how to do a Northern Ohio IRC room chat. Do you have to buy server space or are there free base IRC for the blender cause?

Setting up a channel on most irc servers is free, we’d just need to find one that everybody likes :wink: it’s been awhile since I’ve played with irc, but I’ll get on again and look around for a good serve. We don’t need anything fancy, Just one channel with a bot to keep the place from exploding. If the group gains interest we can look into multiple channels and such.

Ok, I looked into it, and a local freenode channel seems perfect. (Freenode is directed towards opensource project channels, so we’re on topic :wink: ) the closest serve was in pa though, but at least it’s local! for those of you who don’t know much about irc here’s what you’ll do

  • download a client (mirc is the one I use, you can continue using it after the 30 day trial, though paying would be polite X) ) you’ll want to join the server with ports 6665-6667,7000. after that join the channel #OHblenderusers.

I haven’t registered this channel yet, so we can discuss channel name and description if anyone shows up (I’ll leave the channel up all day, though I might not be active. Will try to keep status updated so you guys know what’s up)

I’m about 1 1/2 hrs southeast of cleveland and I’d be interested in seeing where this goes.



I am in Lakewood. I an one (possible two) friend(s) is interested in joining a Blender gang…I mean “user group”.

We’re not new to Blender nor are you fluent with it. We’re beginners that need a support group to learn from and contribute to.

My friend and I are making a list of parts needed to build a tiny render farm for our future 3d works.

One friend is high respectable with Sketch Up; but, is stumped by Blender at this moment. I am more of a Photoshop person. Another friend uses Poser and 3D Studio in his 3d video hobby with modest results.

Is anyone proficient enough in Blender interested in hosting a class in Blender basics? We’ll bring our laptops.

Hello all who are interested in a blender user group in Cleveland . I live on the westside, (will travel for blendering) . I’m going to try and start a blender user group very soon. I’m just a novice so I cannot teach anything, but I will organize and plan some meetings. I’m thinking about starting with some tutorials and just getting to no everyone and there skill levels. I will e-mail people very soon and try to get some dates and locations happening.
So far I’v heard from people in Fairview Park and Lakewood.
Add your city to the post if your interested and I will e-mail you with some updates times, dates, locations, etc.

P.S. 19 days till the premiere of Sintel


Great to see people are interested.

At this point, I’m a novice. At this point, up til coming to this online forum, I was considering buying DVD tutorials; but, with the new UI about to be finalize, I don’t want to buy instructions for the older interface and waste more time trying to find it in the new 2.5.

Also, I had consider finding a class in Pittsburg PA since it’s only 2hrs away and that highly regarded author and teacher (whom I forget, I’m sorry).

A fascinating alternative… if there is enough of us, what is the chance to paying for that instructor to come to Cleveland? This may get costly if the classes are multiple days.

Currently, my only days off is Tuesday. I’m off Sat & Sun morning, too. (Life sucks when one is in fast food)

Thanks. I hope our group can be a powerful group!

I won’t mind going to Pitts, PA. My days off for now are on saturdays.

I live in Euclid, Ohio. Lets get it started. All who are interested, please united.