Clewer's BWC 2009 entry-Heartless(the name might change)


I thought I would post a new thread about my entry to BWC.Still sketching concepts,one thing is for sure:steampunk.My main idea is a battle scene but I am thinking of a cityscape as well.Concept art soon!(Why did I sell my Wacom Bamboo???Argh…)


Started sketching a tank…


Some more progress:
Edit:the cannon has too small diameter IMO,but drawing it again would mess up the whole picture,so I’m gonna concentrate on the other parts and when finished redraw the whole imaga on a full page.


Ok,I made some changes to the sketch but they are not too important,I’m gonna draw it with a bit better precision,and then start modelling(or maybe start modelling immediately,and let things evolve in 3D.
Also started thinking about the composition.

ooh nice design!
looking forward to the 3d :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeepster!I am a complete newb compared to your skills,but hey,I am just entering for the fun!Here is some update for the tracks(note that this is just a basic sketch,roughly 30 min of work):


Another update…possibly the last this evening.BTW,I am in a dilemma right now.When I was modelling the tank,somehow one of my old drawings came across my mind.It had a great concept and it was original(I think).But it was more of a cartoony style.
The question is:should I follow the tank concept(steampunk,extreme detail,but a bit cliche)or the other project(fairly innovative and original,but it is more about the lighting than the detail).If you wish,I can redraw the old idea because I don’t have it right now.

EDIT:OK,my battery is dead for today,more explanation and progress tomorrow.


Decided to drop the other concept,because it doesn’t really belong into the “other world” topic of the contest,it is more about a philosophical and emotional stuff.BTW,I have to redo some parts of the tracks because my computer crashed just before I wanted to save…Isn’t there an application or something that alarms every ten minutes,so I don’t forget to save my work regularly?

EDIT:Now that I decided to do a battle scene,I will design some more robots in the morning 'cause my little brother is playing on my stronger comp,so I only have a laptop which isn’t the best for blending.

Here are the new tracks:


Experimenting with the cannon:
EDIT: decided to stick with this design.(note that this is far from complete,it’s only a base mesh)


you have some serious mechanical modeling skills there
excellent work man

Thanks Jeepster!
People,I have a big surprise(well not that big).Tomorrow you will find out everything,what I can tell now that the concept has changed a lot and the result will be EPIC :D(there is only one problem:the November 1. ending of the contest…I will have to work extra quick :p).

Ah steampunk:)
I must agree with jeepster that your mechanical modeling looks very good…
Keep it coming:yes:

Thanks Jörzi!
Well I have a problem with my mechanical modelling…too many polys for my computer!The thank tracks are about 90k polys,and in the battle scene with many vvehiclesand people,I really have to “manage polys”.I hope that someone on the forum will be kind enough to render the final scene,or else I will have to rent a render farm.

Okay people,I decided to put my own Sci-Fi creations into the mix,thus creating an epic battle between two worlds!My only enemy is time(November 1. deadline…)so I will have to work extra fast!Now I’m gonna focus on the leaders of the two sides,first the Sci-Fi side(sorry for the crappy drawing,still working on my skills):
EDIT:whoops,image upside down…reloading in a min!


I,5 hours of work(I am not too good with hard-surface modelling):
Decided work with ball joints for the sake of quick rigging(only with this character,because this is sort of a cyborg).
EDIT:Well,I noticed that the head is actually SMILING,which is not too good for a big leader…maybe this will be only a simple unit in the army,or I will rework the head.


The modelling of the head is finished,rest of it is texturing and sculpting.(can I use Zbrush for sculpting?Unfortunately my computer doesn’t handle blender sculpt too well…).Next up:torso!


Looks great so far! Keep it up and make that deadline!

You seem to use subsurf a lot in your mechanical models… It looks good of course but it wastes a lot of polys. There are two ways you could make your models more poly effective:

  1. Duplicate your mesh and delete all surface details, preserve only the big shapes so that the outline looks similar, make it easily unwrappable and avoid using subsurf, the bevel tool is good for local smoothing. Now bake a tangent space normal map from your highpoly mesh onto the lowpoly.
  2. Apply the subsurf (at a low level) then manually delete all the excessive edgeloops (this is tedious:P)

I recommend that you don’t do this before your design is finished and you are not planning on further editing. Also you can always keep a copy of your original at another layer.

Thanks for your help Jörzi!
There is a problem here…I realised how little time I have…If I do a model for one week(and that would be veery fast work looking at how much free time I have),I could only do 5 major models,and the enviroment is still nowhere!!The conclusion is,that I wanted to do something too big again…:no:.I am not gonna leave the steampunk sci-fi concept,but I have to plan something smaller…
Just out of curiosity,is there anyone younger than 15 on the forums?