Is there a subject or character or situation that seems (to you) to be done to death that people can’t seem to stop rendering?

As much as I enjoy fantasy female portraits, I feel over-saturated by them. If you visit Renderosity you probably know what I mean.

I’m also working on a satirical image that portrays “render cliches” and would like some ideas. I’m leaning toward wireframe transitions. Like where part of an image just looks like the wireframe view option. Is that a cliche? I appreciate your feedback.

I haven’t browsed 3D renders because I’m just starting out and I don’t want to be too intimidated, but I know what you mean. It’s like when you get to your first art class at school and everyone and their mother has drawn a close-up of a human eye. :slight_smile:

…“Oh, a Grasswald artwork again”… haha

On this forum, you tend to see a lot of car renders and tons of human heads. There’s also a ton of sculpts that simply have a generic grey material in a fairly empty scene.

Also popular; Low-poly and modern interiors. Then there’s Art Station where renditions of a Mimic are everywhere alongside tons of Game of Thrones and Pokemon fanart. Werewolves are also a very popular character type to render out.

Something I see very often is anime/manga style models.

Time to study Imagology…

Then take that knowledge and transfer it over to Society of spectacle, media, propaganda & multinational corporations (ie. Disney Studios…)

Whatever can insert an idea, a story in another. A play to make “story” believable, almost truthful… Why you see so much, is because uniformity makes it all easier to achieve a goal, whatever it may be (got nothing to do with classical understanding of ART). As is in “art of war”. Part of strategy and tactics.

Well, the classic ray tracing cliche is reflective spheres over a checkered ground plane. Or it was 30 years ago anyway, lol…

Speaking of older cliches.

When Bryce 3D debuted, a lot of hobbyists, for perhaps the first time, were able to explore what the new medium had to offer. As a result, there were tons and tons of renders where you have shiny objects on a terrain or over an ocean.

Much of that was before its development came to a screeching halt once DAZ acquired it.

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Heh, the oldest image in my Google Photos is this Bryce image. It’s labeled 1997 but may be older than that. Shiny objects over an ocean over a terrain…

Most of renders lack of style. They pretty much look the same. Especially daz3d models. :slight_smile:
They trying to be realistic but most of the times they failed at it. I love stylized \cartoony characters or scenes. This is look way more artistic than attempts to recreate any of realistic interiors\exteriors or characters.

I think I’ve seen more than a few chessboards as well.

Still not sure what direction I want to go with for this image. It’s a magazine parody about 3D artists. :smiley:

CYNIC78, Poser 11 has a good sketch renderer but it seems nobody uses it for toon styled images. That’s another area of interest for me and I plan to dig into it more once I get a better understanding of Blender. I’ve seen good stuff done with freestyle and grease pencil.

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Yeah grease pencil is great, and 2d art is great too. It would be cool to make 3d scene\character looking like fancy flat colors 2d image to escape 3d look. I think it could be hard to do! :slight_smile: