click and rotate

I want to know how to make a click and rotate interaction, for example, I have an object, and I want to, when I click somewhere( other than the object) and drag, the camera rotate around of the object the same way.
I have almost 0 python skills, so, if you guys know about an example or something that doesnt use python, I ll appreciate a lot.


Do you want a trackball mouse look?


Trackball_new.blend (92.9 KB)

Almost like that, i wanted to when the click was over an specific object the rotation didnt work because you change settings by clicking with the left or the right or middle mouse buttons, but i think that I can use this way, I cann set to other buton one of the actions. I just want this to be for 2.57 blender s version, if you have this script for this new version I ll appreciate a lot!!!
Thanks a lot ffor the help so far.

I changed the first link the file works now on Blender 2.49b and blender 2.5x.
I have also added a new script. Now you can select the object to rotate around.
Tracball2.blend jumps to the object.
Tracball3.blend move slowly to the object (slow parrent).


Trackball3.blend (111 KB)Trackball2.blend (109 KB)

aaaaaaa thanks a lot, you helped me a lot, thanks really, If there is something that I could make for you please just ask and I ll be glad to help!
thanks again!

Hi do you know if this will work in Blender 2.57. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I went into GameMode and pressed “P” but I can’t get it to work. Any help is appreciated.


It works on the new version, you just need to be on the camera and press and hold the right mouse button, also you need to have installed the new version of python 3.1.
I had tried on the last version of blender 2.57.
I hope it helps

This script is great and i really want ot use it, their are a few things i dont need in it though and iv been trying ot figure out how to edit it, im completly new to blender and the game engine but have a project that needs doing asap

the features im tring to remove are…

  • when you let go of the drag rotate the object keeps spinning i need it to stop completly, or ideally come to a very fast soft stop

  • i dont need the click and re oriantate the camera to the new object clicked function either.

any help in this would be greatly appreciated as i would love to learn this package as it seems extreamly powerful

I changed the script to stop the rotation and removed the object tracking.


TrackballFastStop.blend (107 KB)

WOW, thanks a lot, this is very nice, I wanted to the rotation to stop indeed, but I didnt say nothing to not bother you, you read my mind, thanks a lot!!!, you should put this on the resources category, a lot of people ll find this very usefull!