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My NLA editor seems to have gone crazy on me.


See the two highlighted keys in the negatives? Every time I try to get rid of them, all the other keys jump about 1000 frames! I try to place them back ( [G]Button ) and they snap to about -5000!! I keep trying and at one point the keys are out of view. What the hell is wrong with my NLA editor??

Oh and it’s for a walkcycle. I erased the keys for an old walkcycle to make a better one. Don’t know if that helps

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Perhaps you should investigate the problem in your IPO curve editor. If that doesn’t work, just add another keyframe at frame 1 for both channels and move on. Blender does weird things; get over it.

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The editor’s completely empty. I didn’t get what you mean by adding one for both channels. Pretty new to animation.

The editor’s completely empty.

No it’s not…

You should never animate without an IPO window open. If you have keyframes, you have IPO curves. Can’t have one without the other. Select the object/bone for which you have the weird keyframes, then click view -> view all in the header of the IPO window. You WILL see squiggly lines. From there, you should be able to see just what that bad keyframe is, and what it is doing (press K to see just the keys in the IPO window).

If you still can’t delete it from there, what I meant by “adding one for both channels” is that if the weird keyframe is actually doing bad things to your animation, you can just insert keyframes for your two funky objects/bones at frame one, and your problem should be solved (an unconventional method, I know, but hey, it’s blender).

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