clickable element


Here’s my problem with BlenderGame (2.41 but I don’t think it’s cause of that:))…

Suppose a character walks his way to nowhere. He sometimes let fall little rocks…

I know this is quite the same as weapons (no pb to make them), but I want the appeared objects to be clickable… and it seems they are not ! they don’t respond the script I assigned to the original Object…

Any Idea ?


All I can say is try making them actors and maybe remake the sensors/tweak as many things you can until it works. I had this same problem with clicking on signs in crescentdawn online, and reported it as a bug, I even tried as many test builds as I could to get it to work, but then for some reason it started working at some point. I think it was because I made it an actor. There are a lot of issues like this where added objects don’t react the same as normal ones. Good luck :slight_smile: