client-client network game with twisted?

writen on python, network engine(used in soya 3d and pygsear game engines)

hou to make simple client-client script for blender?
(sending and receive property, with set IP adress)

I’ve looked at twisted, and it seems to want to “run” the network application

in other words, rather than blender running the python script, twisted will want to run your game logic

in other words, blender will lock up and your script will continue running

in other words, the game will be stuck since frame 1

in other words, this is the wrong approach

in other words, learn sockets and use select

I am using twisted, it really simplifies the networking aspect of things. I get around the limitation by having it run as a process from blender, communicating through interprocess communication. (Currently I’m using file-based communication, if it is a problem I will be switching to a database. The other method of IPC is socket-based, uh, I’m trying to not use sockets in blender, so that wont work lol)

It’s really pretty nice, because neither the server nor the client code really care about networking issues at all, and it’s much easier to work with. Of course, I open up a new can of worms with the ipc, but I’ve managed to get that working smoothly.

Although I wouldn’t recomend this approach (or any network programming in general) to the faint of heart :slight_smile:

saluk stop giving our secrets away!


Ohh twisted. Lol, now if I just have the nerve to tackle it… ehh probably not.

:wink: Saluk tell us more secrets please, hehe.

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