Cliffhanger [ Download the first version now]

Cliffhanger is a a tower defense where you have to face a bunch of evil zombies and survive several waves in order to be rescued!

The game is quite simple, you play as a sniper and have to protect your population from the zombies that are quite hangry. The big problem that your character have is that he is on the edge of a cliff and there is nowere else to go.

The game is totally 2D, I never made any game like that before, but I have to say that its great to work with project like this.

I order to survive you have to gather other survivors, train them and turn them into soldiers so they could fight against the zombies.

The game is a survival game, and you fight for the scor, if you survive further your score will be bigger and if you reach the final wave and survive there will be an ending.

Again this game was made only with logic bricks, I can say that its 100% so far logic bricks, if you take out the show mouse script that is needed.

This game is beeing developed to promote my other title Pic-a-pix 3D that isnt is on kickstarter yet because Im afraid that I may not get the founding because nobody knows about it. But the idea for this game is not just have a game released but I ll teach others how to create a this game from scratch. I ll give all the material needed to craft the game from the beggining to the end.

Well take a look at some screens of the game, here is one of the zombies that you will face, they are animated textures, as everything else on the game.

It ll run on any computer, it doesnt need GLSL to work.

                               Ordinary Walker
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This is pretty cool its got a cool concept to it I like the sketchbook-like graphics to it it looks cool. Nice work good luck on finishing

Leonnn, I fall in love with your graphics every so often. Gameplay aside, it looks very promising!

Thanks Guys! yay!

this is awsome! i also like the sketchbook graphics.

Looks like a cool game. If it all logic then you can embed it with burster and make it playable online. Where can I play it and when ?

how did pic a pix do on kickstarter? are you still working on that game?

I always love your art style. Just by looking at the screenshots I want to play it… That is a good thing :stuck_out_tongue: Good job so far, I will be playing it as soon as it comes out :smiley: Really nice so far.

Hey thanks MRN, thanks a lot, about the kickstarter, I didnt release it on kickstarter yet, Im still promoting the game, cliffhanger will be a tutorial about how to create a game , and I ll share this tutorial before I launch the game on kickstarter since one of my milestones on kickstarter is to teatch anyone about game creation, from the storyboard to the releasing. But I dont have any video tutorial released to show my potential about this matter.

So Im creating cliffhanger to teatch anyone and to promote my game, Again thanks mrn.

Josip, Yes, you will be abble to play it on burster but the game isnt is released yet, there are a couple of logic things to do and the sound design, that for me is the worst part, after that I ll create the tutorials teatching how to create the game and as soon as I have the game working I ll share all the links for tutorials and for the game, thanks Josip.

Linkxgl, well I m really happy that you said that, this is really motivating me, thanks a lot!

I’m happy that you all liked the game, and your compliments really makes me want to work on this field, thanks a lot guys, and more updates will be disclosed soon!

Can we do some features on The style is great!! Any images or tutorials would be awesome especially about the render style. Pm me if you want. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jikz, I’ll be honored if you do.

I fixed up lots of bugs, and now I working on the sound design, that is the most challenging part for me, but so far its quite nice. Now you have 3 secret weapons and a level up system that will help your character to face more porwerfull zombies.

There are a couple of other secret things too, but I dont want to spoil the gameplay before its done!

Here goes a new picutre with the level and scret weapons.

Awesome :slight_smile: Love the art style ^^

Thanks Mirata! it means a lot to me!

It’s really nice that you have your own unique art style, the graphics look great and it sounds fun. I wanna’ play. :wink:

Thanks a lot ross, I think that tomorrow or on the day after I’ll upload a video of the gameplay, the game is finished,and Im working on the bugfixing and on the final scene. After that I will start the tutorial teatching how to create the game.

ITs a simple game, but I think that it’s playable and the best is that it works on older computers and was made only with logic bricks. I used only one script that was the “show mouse script” because needed it, otherwise nobody would see where the mouse was.

Im not a guy that makes lots of updates, specially on small projects like this, usually I post something on the middle of the project and on the ending.

Again thanks for those that liked my project and appreciaated my work, It means a lot to me.

Here you can see the first gameplay of cliffhanger, the game is almost read to be released and I will start the beta testing phase now. I hope you like it.

It’s very short and dont show too mutch of the game, just some options and the begginning of the campaign, the mouse is not showing up but you can see it on the game.

Here is the vídeo.

I would skew the rising building to tilt a bit toward the camera so that you can see it. The bit-crushed effect is cool, but makes it a bit hard to see the movements and characters. The sprites of the enemies and style are all good, but the sprites don’t stand out on the white background - try using some color to make the important elements pop. Looks pretty cool so far!

Yeah that should work better for that graphic style, that graphic style is hard to work with, I cant change the whole game in just for that, but I will try to make the game easier to understand with that atari look.
Thanks, I will try to change the minor things!

I have a suggestion that won’t change the graphical style. Like solarlune said, it was very hard for me to focus on the enemies because of the white background. A solution to this could be a visual representation of what your ‘tower’ (or shed? in this case) is aiming at. For example the zombie that your tower is aiming at will turn red before it attacks. Or maybe add just a red dot over the head of the zombie your tower is aiming at.

yeah, I could simply remove that graphic styleaswell, its not a playable thing, you have a hard time seeying your ammount of resources and the information on the main screen, I just used that filter to make it look like an old game, its on the game but its not the defalt graphic style, but I will try to make the collors different for this graphic style, I think that it will make it a little easierto understand.