Cliffhanger [ Download the first version now]

Thanks guys for the kind words so far, and the game is almost finished, here is a print screen of the game on the wave 10, but I need to fix 7 bugs in order to have the game working 100%:
Uploaded with

Love the art style. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ross, I hope the comunity like the game, and I hope to release it soon.

Hey guys, my games are stoped for now, both cliffhanger and pic a pix are still under development, but right now Im gathering money to survive!!!

Anyway, since there are no news about both games, I decided to share the .blend of cliffhanger, the game is 95% done, I only need to add a few sounds and fix some bugs, you can play the easy mode with this .blend, but note that its under development, there are some keys that do some crazy stuff and you may experience some bugs.

The game was made only with logic bricks and I hope that you find it usefull for study.

As soon as I have time to finish the game, I ll do that and then I ll release it properly with a tutorial.

here is the link :

Im still dreaming on create a great tower defense game, and with cliffhanger I ve learned a lot allready, I hope you guys like this version.

This game is actually very nice! I hope you finish it.

Thanks Mokazon! I hope that I have the time to finish it too, I hate to leave projects behind, and I think that I ll not stop this one once since its almost finished, you can even finish the game and there is a small ending scene, I hope to fix the bugs soon and the game will be 100% playable.

Your game is the only blender game that made me courious,so i downloaded, i must play now

Bravo Leon, great work! I have played it ,very nice menu and effects, interesting. The gameplay has some bugs but i am sure you can fix em.!

Thanks BlendingBGE, the game is very simple, the idea is to make tutorials teatching how to make it, Im glad that you liked it!

Game looks awesome, runs perfectly, but I have one (huge and embarrassing :o) problem, how do I kill the zombies? When I press space my XP increases, but that’s the only key that seems to do anything, the tutorial never tells me how to kill the zombies! Also, my soldier disappears and I have no children or civilians (or soldiers).

The game looks fantastic, runs well and has nice audio, but I don’t know how to play -_-.
Any help is very appreciated! Thanks.

sorry, its a demo yet, to kill a zombie, press the right mouse button to aim and shoot with the left, and thanks, I ll finish this game as soon as I have the time, and I m glad that you liked it!

Hi leonnn,

Had a quick play through of the demo. I love the style of the game, the ui effects and the overall general feel of the game. Runs really smooth and feels very professionally polished. Looking forward the the full game :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, and Im right now working on pic a pix 3D and I just checked cliffhanger, I love pic-a-pix and i ll finish it as soon as I can, cliffhanger is close to be finished, it allready have an ending but Im having some trouble with it since its logic bricks only, And I really want to release it as soon as I can, your compliments make me very happy, thanks guys!

Ahahah maneirissimo Parabéns!!
Ahahah superkool congrats!!

Thanks guys, and I have a question to ask to the comunity, who wants to join me and finish up this game? Its almost there but I ll not work on it anymore, it would be one of the few complete blender games released so far but Im really without time to fix the bugs, the game is relativelly simple, its complete, all the math is done, all the stages are ready and the ending animation is there, but I have some weird bugs that I dont think that I ll have time to fix shortly, so, I want somebody to help me fix them and then the credits of the game will belong to both of us, the game is 100% logic bricks and I really want to keep, everthing is set and ready, the only thing are some minor bugs and a explaination about aiming, other than that is done, if you want to help me and change the game to make it more cool I ll like that, but only by fixing the game and releasign the .blend to the comunity ll be great.

So, anyone want to join me on this project?