Climate Change resources for action groups?

One of the problems faced by groups such as Extinction Rebellion, etc is presenting the science in a manner understandable to (near) anyone. Animation explaining the science and the implications of climate change could be very useful. Would anyone be interested in discussing the possibility of establishing a group that would produce and make available under creative commons such resources?


I’m part of extinction rebellion UK: Southampton so I’m willing to contribute… check out my animated short…like most , people my main job is keeping the bailiffs from kicking my door of it’s hinges, so working for cash is a priority for me…none the less happy to give up a hour a week on a viable project

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there are already many high quality videos like that explaining everything better then I could possibly imagine available online for free.
Like this one:

I don’t see how reinventing the wheel by making new videos about the same thing anyhow help the situation,
BUT if you convince me it’s a good idea and making those videos is indeed going make the planet a better place, I will try my best to help you.


this is a great video

Thanks for the offer and I subscribed to your Youtube channel. Nice vid and I fully understand that asking people to contribute skills that take years to acquire is pushing it. I know I get tired of ‘helping out’ with other peoples’ projects.
There is much to discuss with this concept and given there is some interest, it would be worthwhile setting up an online space. I’ll get onto that and will post the URL as soon as possible. Again many thanks for your expression of interest and hopefully speak to you soon.

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Good point and there is indeed a lot of material around but effective only if the viewer accepts to sit down like a kid in a classroom and absorb the lesson from beginning to end. The evidence would indicate that is not happening. Can it be done better? Paraphrasing that lovely young Swedish woman Greta Thunberg, “We don’t need your concern/support - we want you to panic!” I couldn’t agree more; we need to hit and hit hard the sixth extinction is already well underway and what is just around the corner is not pretty. Maybe, and this would be up for discussion of course, explaining science is the wrong approach and a better strategy would be to “tell the truth” and give the viewer a multimedia glimpse of hell. Can that be achieved in a fast-paced video of say five minutes?
Thanks as well for taking the time to answer and looking forward to further discussion.

Hontestly I don’t see any difference between “explaining science” and “telling the truth” but I believe you know what you are doing. Let’s say I’m in. What’s the plan? :smiley:

Five mins is a long time production etcetera…my personal view and if story boarded correctly a powerful message could be done in half that time.

regarding production, my suggestion is that a storyboard is the place to start,and no need to set up a specialised web site,my suggestion is use this thread as you blog etcetera to gain momentum/interest for the project…

Hey Blender Ninja - I looked into getting a collaborative studio sort of thing, Vimeo does them, but at a cost. I agree we could just exchange messages, etc here for starters at least.
What do you think of the idea of this video being - more or less - in the format of that Johnny Depp reading I posted? Personally, I like it and if there is agreement on that then at least we have a reference point with regard to style.
OK - if let’s say we do agree then yes, we need a script but maybe first a text upon which the script is constructed. Like the Johnny Depp video is built on the Kerouac poem.
I think we could still initially aim for five minutes because it’s easier to trim things down than the opposite. At 2 words second, five minutes is 600 words which is of course speaking fast and continuous but with 600 words we have plenty of material to work with and cut back even to less than half that amount. I’m meeting with a screenwriter this weekend to chuck some ideas around and maybe come up with a draft that can and will probably get ripped up. Its usefulness will be in clarifying the message because I suppose ‘glimpse of hell’ is a bit vague.

Edit LOL Closed and then thought I’m getting a bit ahead of myself and the first thing I need to do is clarify what an individual’s existence would be like in a collapsed civilization. I’ll draft up a description of what is generally agreed would be the situation and post it for comment lets say early next week. I need to go back and reread a few papers. With others joining in and that would be great, we could also post a list of useful skills. If we go for a multimedia format then there’s plenty creative fun for everyone.

I have no prob with the style of the video i just feel the length you suggested initially that being five mins is a little ambitious especially for a first collaborative project with zero budget and a limited number of helpers, like I said 2 and half mins is a little more realistic, but if the majority of production is raw film footage this may not be a problem…
and yes a screen play alongside a very rough story board is the way forward, look forward too seeing a draft.

Thread locked per OP’s request.