Climbing, hanging ?

Hi, i really want someone to explain how i can make my player “climb up on the wall” or hang on a ledge…
If anyone knows a tutorial or anything that would be great! :wink:
p.s i dont know any phyton :no:
Peace, Christoffer


i don’t know any python either, but think this should get some attention from coders

Well an easy way to do it is with logic bricks. Set it up like this for your character:

Collision with (Property: wall)------and-------Motion: Add Z Axis motion Globally

Make sure your climable wall hass the property wall. You may have to make level triggering true on the collision sensor…not sure.

Thank you!
btw do you have any idea on the ledge thing? :slight_smile:
like in yo frankie…

Peace, Christoffer

Well I would suggest making a “ledge” property. When your character collides with an object with the property “edge”, move up on the Z axis, and do a ledge climbing animation.

So make a climbing animation and a ledge one.

In the attachment is an example blend file


ClimbandLedge.blend (165 KB)

Thanks dude, you made my day!:yes:

Peace, Christoffer