Climbing Photography

Taken at a rainy bouldering session in Castle Hill (Arthurs pass NZ - some of LOTR was filmed here)

nice. looks grueling.

Went back to Castle hill last weekend for another (very sweaty!) bouldering session.

Hope you enjoy.

missed one :wink:

Would you mind if I modded one of the rock pictures?
All I can see are all the potential faces, and I have to at least try.

Thank you, great pictures

Not at all, be my guest! thanks!

Thanks alot, I’ll post’em as soon as i get some time off work.

The second picture in the first post is great. Good composition, good subject, you really captured the moment. Cool!

i totally agree with Bussman here,
that shoot is great!

good work traitor.

Mate, are you behind the camera or in front of it?

Superb photos, it’s difficult to get a sense of scale though. How big are these boulders?

Fantastic scenery. :o

Thanks for sharing my friend.


thanks sonix :smiley:

i took all the photos. Climbers are Richard Albon (top) and a guy called Graham (bottom) who we met up there.

the tallest climbs are the bolted sport routes, about 25m high? (highest boulders in the middle of 3rd to last pic)

Cool mate, so pretty big rocks then.

You’ll have to get them to take some of you climbing next time you’re out that way. Man I’m jealous as hell, your ‘back yard’ is an amazing place.

It’s years since I could even get my feet into my climbing shoes, I spent a good few years hanging of various cliff faces and walls.
Used crap myself doing absailing though, wierd as I’m fine going upwards. %|


Annnnnd back again. I love my country.

Looking past a V2 at Quantum Field

Some outrageously good Check guy, about to pull himself up (ON ONE FINGER) up a V6. nailed it second attempt :o

Standing on top of some of the larger crags - these ones are bolted

View up Spittle Hill

Overall View

Wow man that a realy beautiful place ive always wanted to go to NZ and i probably will because Australia isent that far, do you know what he price for a plane ticket from sydeney to Auckland or Wellington would be?

luckily I got to go to NZ last year, that place is kind of familiar. Which island is it on and wherebaouts is it?

Its about $150 odd NZD. depends when you want to go, i guess.

about slap bang in the middle of the South Island-

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so whens the NZ blender cnfrence gonna happen?

i have plenty of sheep (suposedly). we just need some computers and a projector.


yeah, sounds like a plan to me!

I’ll give you a holla next time in in wellingtron.

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Up to Gibralter Rock today, in my home town of Christchurch (see map).

Gary trad leading

Doogle seconding a trad route

Me doing a nasty ass layback

Me in about the most un-glamorous pose possible (thanks gary - even a wonky horizon!)

Doogle doing the Leap of Faith (No photoshop or camera tricks involved!)

thanks basse :wink:

I don’t see anything; perhaps you accidentally checked the “disable BBcode” box.

The other pictures look amazing though! I’ve never even imagined boulders that big, much less thought they existed.