Clinic Reception

Hi there,

Just finished this renders of a reception. Fast job, got the model already done in Sketchup by the architect, imported in Blender, configured lights and materials and that was it.

I am not particularly happy with the result. I never know what to do in order to bring more realism when I have these simple scenes to play with, specially lightwise (only 3 area lights from above).

I would much apreciate it if someone could bring some insight that could help me get more real images for next time.

As a side-note, I was using Cycles for all the test renders, taking from 30min to 90min the ones with some better quality and higher resolution. Bought E-Cycles before submiting the final images and, out of the box, I was pretty happy with how 6min renders were looking (1600x1600px) . Not the best comparission in the world, since I was not keeping track of my settings, but I was really impressed.


Hi Flimabotelho,

Excellent work these are really well done, the only thing that feels off to me is the wood under the counter, it seems like it bounces too much light. Also the material appears to be a sticker of wood as opposed to actual wood, maybe try adding a small amount of space (1/4 of an inch or so) around the edge of the wood. It is looking awesome though :slight_smile:

Hi @Soul_Gatherer,

Thanks for your input, I’m really curious about these kind of details that catches people’s attention when they look at my images. In this specific case, that wood is supposed to be a mdf laminated pannel with a wooden pattern and the configuration of the counter is like in the print down here. The top of the counter extends a little further from the mdf pannel and there is a led strip inbetween, wich I believe it’s what is causing the impression of the wood bouncing too much light. In any case, I believe I failed to make that clear in the renders. Thanks for pointing that up.

tv looks too small. like a tv would not naturally fit in that space. also the tv ratio doesn’t look right like it’s too short. Also I would look into what the scale should be for the wall to the chairs, again it feels a little bit off somewhere in scale. looks really good though.

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Yeah, that tv is quite off…although I was not allowed to mess with the model, it wouldn’t be that bad to had fixed that, I guess

Hope you’re doing just fine,
Awesome render,
A really fine artwork,
At first I myself couldn’t point at anything,
The only thing that I felt was kind of, off-putting,
Was that in all the images, the roof has one side that has too many contact shadows,
You can clearly see this on the left side of the roof in the second image,
This excess of shadows on the roof gives an effect of,
Unconnectedness between the roof and the wall,
What I would suggest is to check if there is a space in between the roof and the wall,
Or to make your fill light brighter,
That’s all I could say about the images after the other replies,
Otherwise, there is nothing I could say,
This image truly gives the cold and clean aura of a clinic,
And after all, is said and done I myself would not want to be off-putting
no offence :smiley:
Happy Blending.

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Thanks for taking the time to look at the images with a sharp eye. I believe you’re right concerning this cold aura that clinics tend to have, I don’t find it very atractive, but that’s ok. What bothers me though is that I wasn’t able to achieve a good level of realism. I’m relativelly new to the Blender enviroment, so I believe there is room for improvement.

About the ceiling, it’s made of plastered boards and they suppose to have that gap. Maybe it’s a little too dark in my renders, gonna pay more attention next time.