Clint Eastwood

Just a quick c&c post…

I’m working on a project on the moment that includes a few familiar faces…in this case it is Clint Eastwood. The model is not supposed to be a perfect replica of the person, but more of a caricature. This is my first day that I’ve worked on him, so I’m just asking for a few basic c&c’s. Thanks!

I’ve included a source photo, a front and side planning drawing, and a front and side Render of where I’m at, at the moment. Also, the details, painting and hair…etc, etc, etc will all be done later.


This is great…really nice and one of the best heads i’ve seen soo far…wish i could model thaT GOOD!WIRE PLEASE!

looking pretty good, the jaw isnt strong(wide) enough, looks a bit wimpy.
I knwo its a charicature, but it still looks a bit too funky…

I think that you should make the forehead a little taller and wider, as seen on your sketch.
It is a very cool model you’ve got there, i also wish i could do that!

This really great !
Can you write a tutorial about the face ?

Too much distance between the nose and the mouth, I’d say. Great model.

It’s day two of modeling, and today I started to do the hair, eyebrows and the beard. It’s not completely finished yet, and I have to admit, I’m having some trouble with controlling the hair!

Side and Front view included.

Thanks for the c&c’s so far!:smiley:


Just a pic to show the latest development on Clint Eastwood.

Any comments or critiques would be helpfull!

I’ve been set back a bit by the fact that his hair was coming through his hat, but that was solved (after a long time!) by using a Lattice. So, now if the hat is removed, the hair will automatically fall back into place.

Nothing has been textured properly, but I’ll still get to that. It has also not been rigged yet, I first need to finish modeling the upper body.

I’ve also put in a few pics to show the process of removing the hat.


whoa!:eek:…soooo coool

This is the latest on my face model…

Just to let let everyone know…I do realize that the character does not look exactly like Clint Eastwood at the moment, but that is only because he is in a neutral pose at the moment. Hopefully his expressions will make him later. But that’s later worries when I get to rig him.

I think I’m finished with the texturing and bump map for now. The next stage will be to create the body…don’t know exactly how much of the body that will be?

It seems that I’ve lost the caricatured look in the process of modeling, but the characature just did’nt look right?

Any c&c will be appreciated! Thanks!


This is just amazing!! It look like a characature but also is quite realistic…
But there’s something weird about his hair and beard… I don’t really know what…
Nice job!

Thanks…I know what you mean about the hair…it feels like it doesn’t belong to the mesh…as if it is a seperate object on it’s own…might be the shading or the colour?

Look good now

Particle hair, as cool as it is, still seems a bit too unruly for anything but long flowing hair and fur. I’ve been having a heck of a time myself trying to style pony-tails and bangs on one of my models. If I spend enough time on it, I can style something half-ass decent (but still not what I want), but then it takes forever to render a frame - and I shudder to think about trying to animate these “hair monsters”. If you discover some sort of break through with regards to the hair, I hope you’ll share.

Anyway, great model so far! It’s very As for some C&C, the shape of the upper-lip looks off to me.