Clio RS Trophy

Hi There. Sorry for the poor backgorund but im little too busy to do smth better for now.
Here is one of my newest models that I did for Chocofur :wink: It takes me about 60-70h to finish it.
Hope you like it. !

My Portfolio


Some studio shots.


Nice model i really like it but something about the materials is not right.I think it would look a lot better if you made the yellow a little bit more reflective or change the studio lighting not to be so smooth if that is causing it.The black version looks more realistic with the enviroment being reflected on the car.Lighting is key for such a model as well as the presentation ,background etc

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Yeah but the materials and studio belongs to client. I only did a model and add his materials. Personaly I dont have much time to work more on it. Maybe in future.


Much more important in this case is nice and clear, and simple model/materials than comlpicated realistic shaders. :wink:

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Really nice models, Great work! I’ve made a render using Corona Standalone 2.0 on the backplate from hdri heaven:)

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very pirfect work, this is so amazing