Clip camera by a plane

I have a camera that is angled to ship.
And I want the camera to clip the object at a set plane. So that it shows a cross section of the ship.

Any suggestions on how I can get the camera to include only what is beyond a chosen plane?


There are numerous ways, the simplest is in camera properties set the clip start and end distance

You could add a boolean modifier to your object and use a plane as a intersect boolean, then just hide the plane object

Thanks for the reply Richard.

The clip start and end distance won’t work since the distance from the left side of the camera and to the object is different from the distance from the right side of the camera and to the object.
Anyway my object is clipped if I follow this approach, just not where I want it to be clipped.

When I try the boolean modifier I get the error message: “Cannot execute boolean operation.”.
My object is an imported .wrl containing two objects. The boolean modifier works on one of them, but the other object gives the error mesage.

Any other approaches I can try?