Clip Cube WONT clip!

It’s driving me nuts, I have some decals placed over walls (trying to avoid unwrapping) but each time I render the scene I notice that where ever the empty (that I have mapped the texture to) appears the texture sprays across the space to another wall.

I have a box room with extruded columns all mapped with some nice concrete, then I added the painted hazard stripes. But they end up going all over the facing walls.

Why I have set the mapping to clip cube?

the green circle is the correct place and the red circles are the weird repeats.

Could we see the material and texture settings? Of course you already mapped to object and typical way. Just wondering if you should select your column and add another material slot and choose same but make new user, keeping the texture settings, then select the room walls and go back to the original material, minus the texture and then assign. That way the texture would only affect hte column, and the walls you could turn it off or map to another objecy empty.

I know the clip cube should work, but this is strange. What happens with regular clip?

Regular clip just extends out all the way. I am not near the pc with the file at the moment but will get more screenies tomorrow.
By selecting the walls do you mean allocate them as UVs? I wanted to avoid unmapping but may have to resort to that in the end.

Thanks for help.

Nice texturing without using UV.

The Empty based projected decaling must be set to repeat. Also Empty based projected dealing will go right through an object to the other side. If you want to limit decal only to column just separate it from the room and have it as an different object.

Thanks, I thought that the texture was cliped to the boundary of the empty, as the x and y axis is.

You could try scaling on Z maybe, the empty I mean.

edit: No, I meant that by making the walls and the columns have single user materials, you could make a copy for the walls and untick the texture reference for the channel that makes the yellow decal. Not UV mapping.