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We have created an add-on that allows you to easily copy and paste images from the clipboard in Blender.

It responds to the “Copy Image” function on the website site and the “Copy” function on Explorer,

Copy" function in Explorer.
In case of copying multiple images on Explorer,
The images will be automatically formatted and arranged in a square image.

If you want to change the resolution, please use the “Campus Settings”.

This add-on is free.
Have a good blender life, everyone!

The initial registration keys are
The initial registration key is SHIFT+control+V.

You need to have the module called PIL(Pillow) installed first. The installation is located on the add-on preference screen, so please install it manually. The installation is via the Internet, so an Internet environment is required.
Please restart the blender once after installation.



Thanks a lot Dear makorin
Your job is amazing and so usefull ! I love your add-on!

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Thanks for using it!
Let me know if you find any bugs!

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You love addons so here is my github:
some addons for Blender…
work in B3.5

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Thanks…I’m going to try it out! I’ll try to use it when I get a chance!

Hi Makorin,
I have a question: I use your addon with one folder but each time I use the Ctrl+shift+V I paste the same image from my folder , the first!
Is it a possibility that the content of this folder was displayed in the UI popup(like texture paint) and you choose the image you want to paste, please?

I used your trick with the folder and the explorer : selecting several pictures is ok but then your addon use always these textures. I can’t reset the selecting with this folder ??? how I must made?

Thanks for the question!
How do I make a selected image a reference?
Use the clipboard mode.

On the Explorer, copying the selected images will group them into a square image list and display them in the blender.

Use the folder mode when you want to display all the images of the extracted video at once.

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Ok thks I understand now!

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