clipcube texture

I am trying to make a logo apear on the chest of the cpt. blender model. I have put an empty mesh in the scene, applied the texture to the body of the model. Map input set to obj: Empty. I clipcubed it and the logo appears… but on both sides of the body mesh. What went wrong? Are there other options to texture it? Why doesnt it work? does it have anything todo with mirroring the model? I have put a mirror modifier onto the mesh.

Make sure the Z axis of the empty is pointing away from the surface on which you want the logo to appear. For more info see:

I understand, thank you so much! it worked!

More specifically, the size of the Z axis of the Empty determines how far the logo “penetrates” into the model. If it is too large, the logo will “bleed through” to the far side of the model.