Clipping distance limits


I’m wondering if the clipping distance in Blender has limits. I searched the documentation and all I found was a tip about setting the camera’s clipping distances to safe values that are not too extreme so that render times don’t suffer serious performance issues. Is there any more documentation about how the clipping range affects render times or how many orders of magnitude is a safe range?

What got me thinking of this are these two videos:
Worlds in Worlds done about year ago with a software called Quill developed by Oculus

Powers of Ten done in 1977


I remember seeing Powers of Ten in the Bradford Film and Photography museum as a child, but I’d forgotten the name. Lovely to see it again.

i think the biggest drawback to setting crazy clipping is possible accuracy artifacts.

but yes, performance will take a hit too, the more the camera sees, the more it has to calculate. but resolution plays a big factor too. the higher the resolution, the more it can see farther away.