Clipping or back faces not being hidden.

So, I’m working in Blender and ran into various visual issues. I’m running a Nvidia card and was able to resolve the issue, partially through disabling “double-sided” for normals… the other partial bit was magic, I’m sure how it fixed, but it did when I switched between quad view and single view.

Anywho the issue I’m facing now is clipping or stuff that should be hidden not being hidden.

On the left side you see lines going up and to the right at the bottom of the model. Those should be hidden, but aren’t. It’s an issue as it makes selecting many edges/vertices difficult when the ones that should be hidden aren’t.

“Limit selection to visible” is not the culprit.

Press N to show the Properties panel
Under ‘View’ you will see the Clip Start and End distances.
If the start distance is very small or the end very large you can see this effect.
The default distances are 0.1 and 1000

Thanks that did it! Makes sense when I started experiencing it.