i have a complex character model that have eye ball socket and mouth incasing, my problem is that whenever i press p (start game) i could see through the model seeing the eye ball socket and mouth incasing. i’ve tried adjusting the camera but didnt work. can somebody help me with this problem?

right now im using blender 2.4, but this problem never occurred while i was using blender 2.33a.

Well Here are some explaination’s of what can be happening :

Maby some of the model’s face’s are set to invisible or , maby some of the face’s you put them on additive blend mode.

Check that out.

or maby you set the logic bricks to go invisible.

Or when you where in edit mode while modeling your model you deleated some face’s.

These’s are only thought’s but it may be something else tho :wink:

{ NOTE : }
If you made some part’s of the model with meta cube’s or a meta ball ect… It won’t show in the game engine. Hope’s this help’s Cya :wink:


Some normals may be facing the wrong way and therefore you cannot see them. If you can identify the faces that are not showing then select these faces and click Flip Normals on the Edit buttons.