Clive and sword. Crits please

So, I may have given up my last project… Trying to not do that. :stuck_out_tongue: But I felt like it was really underplanned and I just couldn’t get myself to continue. So I decided to do this project instead.

C&C please!

Cool!! Nice blocking Edge138.
You can the animation with him already in motion rather than standing at a place. The thing to spend most time on, i suggest, is conveying the effort needed to pull the sword. The timing is ok, but the posing can be improved a lot if you look at the line of action of the poses you have put in. A clearer reverse C through his spine and a really clear compressed C for the anticipation would really help conveying the effort he is putting in. The other thing that will help is, instead of him adjusting into a pose where we only see him completely sideways, a better pose would be him placing his foot on the stone. Increase the length of the handle of the sword, if u can, then the pose on f71 you can have his hand asymmetrical and a clearer read.


Hey thanks BlenderArien! :slight_smile: I took almost everything you said and my animation is looking better. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: You said I could start with him already in motion but I think for this shot I want to start with him standing.

More C&C please! I’ll probably start the splining pass tomorrow or the next day so I want to tweak the blocking pass and get it as good as I can get it before the splining pass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, here is the critiqued blocking pass. Gonna start on splining now. :slight_smile:


Great! Nicely done. The blocking looks better. Only concern is with the pose on/around f150 in blocking 2.2. He seems to be giving up when the sword comes out. Are you going for that?

Haha, love it when the splinning takes away the crispy-ness of a good blocking. But it doesnt look bad. Lotsa tightening and overlap (things starting and stopping at different times) to be done.

Looking forward to a refined splinned version.

Thanks BlenderArien!

This is my final update. I am gonna call this finished and move on towards another project. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! Looks nice. Congrats.

Add some more sqash and stretch into the poses, especially for when he goes into the front flip. This will give the action a more organic feel as well as make the action more clear. Also move the shoulders around more, they look kind of stuck. Great timing. Just use more dynamic poses and the animation would look awesome.