Clive the Butlerbot

Well, here I finished rigging Clive…
So here he is, in all his glory, picking up some small, orange thing.

(i am particularly proud of his right hand in this animtion… i dont know why)

C&C… please

looking sweet! love the way his eye glistens.

That pretty good! :smiley: It could star in Pixar short type of movie.

cool!!!, i like a lot the reflections in the eye.

great work.

what codec is this? i cant play it!!! :frowning:

Nice character, Nayman. Very cool. Smooth animation.

Hey Nayman, nice bot. I like the way he balances as he moves.
I had a quick ‘dirty’ idea flash as I watched the animation. In the edges of his eyes, theres a little space where you can see just white when he blinks. My ideaa was: open up these seams ever so slightly there and elswhere if possible , and place a bunch of simple texturemapped objects behind them, with a lot of detail in the texture. It might give it more detail of ‘inner workings’ without having to do a whole lot of modelling.

Thats an intersting Idea.

I might.

I was trying to keep him simple. He is going to be the star of a short film called

“Gregs New Toy”

I don’t know… it may just be my jittery mplayer2 but I get the idea that his “fans” aren’t spinning fast enough. I don’t know how big this guy is supposed to be if he is of some considerable size then you might want to consider making them spin faster. I suppose it would make him less child-toy-like but gravity won’t wait… Nice eye. Reminds me of Monsters Inc. :wink:


very nice! little orange pellet goes through his hand in a couple places but great none the less. - also agree about the fans.

yes, fans need much more spin. They should essentially be completely blured (you can do this without the rendering expense of Motion Blur, just add a semi-transparent disk with the same ring coloration of the rest of the blades, and also have the blades themselves spinning) Also, how did it turn so fast without shifting the direction of one of those fans?

The ball jitters around a lot in his hand, might want to watch out for that when it carries other things.

could i ask have you tried different colours (colors) for the body of it.

i like everything the eye and the shape as well as the movementn

but the colour niggles at me a bit cause i think it doesn’t look bright and happy enough.

perhaps a blue red or purple even an orange might be ok.

i just don’t really like the black that much!

but thats a minor thing the rest is great. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Love it!! and the B&W too.

1 little point… the rotors should somehow tilt forward and back too… how else would it be able to turn and such? It looks good but the motion is slightly off this way.

Very nice… and all suggestion I may give were already given in other replies…


Looks pretty good, but I have 3 problems with it.

One, the spinning fan; that’s not too big of a deal.

Two, the ball… maybe I’m wrong, but from the way it wobbles around it looks like you keyframed it by hand each frame to be in his hand. That is (no offense) a stupid way to do it. If you’re using 2.25, you should make an empty the child of the right hand, then have a copy location constraint on the ball to copy the empty, and animate the constraint from 0 to 1 when he picks up the ball. If you’re using 2.23 or lower, you should make two balls, one that stays on the ground and one that’s the child of the right hand, and use layer IPOs to switch them when he picks it up.

Three, his left hand waves as if it’s about to do something interesting, and that distracts my attention from the real action with his right hand. It’s a pretty well animated wave, it just doesn’t really help the animation.

Apart from that, it’s animated very well. I especially like the movement of his eyes. And the model is great. :wink:

Oh, just one other thing… it would be nice if he blinked again after those first two times… perhaps when he looks up after picking up the ball, just before he turns around?

I will take all these suggestions into consideration… yes, i did keyframe the ball. i know about constraints, but how do i animte them?>

This is really only my secopnd character, so still a little new… and yes, i will make the blades tilte the otherway as well.

Nayman… who says you have to solve everything in blender??? I mean it’s a neat idea and all.

But there’s easier ways. You could also create your anim in clips and just paste them together in a video editor. Lots easier than doing 100% blender stuff.

Nice work!

I take it he’s trying to sneak off with the ball.

If that’s the case, I think it would look cool if you “sink” him a little before he takes off with the ball, and speed up his darting eye just before he zips out. Also, his exit should be a little faster.

Again, nice work!

great work!

@weirdhat: could you explain that constraints thing again,or do you
know a good tutorial on that?

cya henrik