Cloaked Wrath

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m just started my adventure with Blender at this year, and finally i want to show you my first work worthy to present here i hope :slight_smile:
It’s a sword inspired some online game.
I used Blender ofc and Gimp.

Edit: Any seggestions? I was hope that someone will advise me whether I’m going in the right direction or not :smiley:

Hello Wilku84!
I think your product is awesome and I like it. Congratulations! :slight_smile: I don’t understand why you haven’t received any opinion (especially congratulations) from anyone apart from me.

You “just started”? This doesn’t look like anything a beginner would do! This is of such a high quality that I’m not too sure what to suggest! Right direction? Of course you’re going in that direction!

Thank you very much, I am so glad you like it :slight_smile: I was losing hope and here such kind words. Thank you so much :wink:

Hello! Your product is awesome, and I like it. Congratulations! :slight_smile: