Clock - bet you wouldn't guess the title from the images!

I built this some time ago just to see if I could make it work, now I will finish the case. :yes:

Its All rigged and all works in real time, including the chimes, etc.

The materials and lighting need some work, before everyone says so, this was an early project before I learnt about materials. :eyebrowlift:

So let me know what you think, It’s all powered by drivers constraints and difficult sums. :spin:

Cheers, Clock.

Arg, I’m getting math anxiety just thinking about rigging it.

It drove me completely mad! just look at some of the stuff I have done since then, oh well back to my medicine and the funny farm. :eek::p:spin:

I would hate to have to do it all again, but it was fun!

Cheers, Clock.

Amazing stuff there @clock, for sure it must have been mad.

I know it doesn’t compare but now that I’ve kinda understood a bit more rigging I can safely say that I’m in HEEELLLLL (shouting out in desperation) at the moment with the main landing gear’s struts and drag braces because when I modeled them I messed up the pivot point and got them into weird places and angles, so the maths is all over the place…I’m debating if to remake them or just try and fix them…anyways, I’ve stepped away from them and do something else in the mean time as the list to finish is long.

There’s a tutorial on my new website for rigging aircraft undercarriage, the last page deals with jet aircraft specifically, but the first pages are good reading to understand how to place the armature, etc.

Cheers, Clock.