Clock Forest

A set for my new film project, this is the “clock forest”:

Everything here is done with particles, with different vertex groups controlling where different elements should go on the mesh. The fog z-depth is accomplished using a node material setup on all the materials in the scene:

which (in my expert opinion :wink: is the only way to have total artistic control over this effect.

your material just blew my mind.

and damn nice forest by the way

Love your forest fog. So I am confused as to what nodes you are using that plug in to the Color1 input. Is it only a material node? Could you post a screenshot of the whole node setup or send me a PM with the node setup?

the color1 is a mix between a grassy green material and a dirt material, controlled by a vertex color channel: (which is how I get the forest path in the first image…)

Hi, thanks for the example. I still have a problem with this and I don’t want to hijack your thread so I sent you a PM.