Clock needles animation?

I have two clock needles and I parented bigger needle to smaller one.
Smaller needs to travel on twice the smaller speed than bigger one.

But, if you parent the two objects, and animate the rotation on the one object, the other one will rotate on the same speed.

How to change that ?

The second one moves with the first one if they’re parented. If you now animate the second hand (needle?) it will move with both the speed of the first hand, AND the animationspeed that you give the second hand.

Better to parent them both to another object (the clock face?) so you can animate them independently.

You posted your question in the wrong section. Second, you will have to move them as separate objects to move them at a different speed.

Ok. I thought there is a way to offset the child’s animation compared to the parent one.

Where should I had posted?

You could probably use a driver to drive the animation of one object based on the animation of another.

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Keep them as separate objects, and keyframe the loc/rot main object in xyz euler. On the second object add a ‘copy rotation’ constraint, and set the influence to 50%