clock speed vs cores

hello blenderheads,
i am looking to build a new workstation/gaming rig for 2014 + beyond,
out of the following hardware:

Z9PE-D8 WS OR extreme 11

either the 2660 v2 or 4930k or 3930k

and finally for the gpu im looking to get 4xthe gtx titan and 3 gtx 790(once finally released)…
connecting using pcie riser card…

i’m looking to make this system a one of so the cost would exceed the £1000 mark(the usual price when i build amd system(s)

my questions is what should i go for, when concerning a well rounded blender machine which can crunch through everything blender can throw at it plus gaming and other 3d packages and good for cycles?

the other question is whether i should go for higher clock speeds or more cores?

Hm. You realize that 4 Titan alone cost you roughly 2900 GBP?

As it seems money is no issue… both.
Higher speeds -> better single core performance
More cores -> better multi core performance.
Both -> better everything.

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which cpu should i go for, for a good alrounder…

I’m finding the Intel Core i7-4960X CPU with 6 cores a good all around CPU. It works on a X79 board to support the PCI lanes for a multiple Titan setup. Overclocking ability of that CPU helps when hitting Blender’s multithreading limitations.