Clock [Upd. pag. 2 26/11/04]

Work in Progress…

Need to place a Spring, linked to the floating gear on the left, and some details of the clock escapement (not very visible here)

Of course the gears are correct and if I press ALT-A everything moves :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW! Cool, looks complicated. Are there clocks that show 24 hours? I look forward to the next update!

PS: Is this made with your script?

good ol’ s68, showing off his insane script…



Sweet! …gotta see the animation! Coming Soon to an elYsiun near you? :wink:

good god man…

excellente ! :wink:

Neat clock, very fancy and kind of confusing

Thanx :slight_smile:

4Daniel Yup, there exist 24 hour clocks, uncommon, indeed, and, of course, all gears are script-made

For teh animation I’m undergoing an ethical issue.

Animating the spring will requre a painfull RVK setting and KEY setting (and BAG) but the driver weel linked to it will move 15° in 1 hour, that’s 90000 frames… If the animation lasts 1000 frames rotation is 0.166°, noone could ever notice it, so why animate the spring?

But a fixed fake spring would also be cheating, which I don’t like…


I sure whatever you decide on the spring will be fine. This is looking so very cool I can’t wait to see it animated. Stefano, you are a genius.

:o wauw stund dude :smiley: I really like the 24 hour timespan :wink: maybe I will make a real one, other then that dont know what there could be better, so KUTGW dude


would something like this be able to be used in the game engine, made into an excutable, and run as an actual clock program?

i know nothing of the game engine, and its powers… i’m sure you could get it to work with a python script at least…


That sounds great… Maybe as a kind of screensaver or something.

Model is complete (I believe…)

Springs are real, you’ll see em moving in anim.

I used a sun light, not area light in thes rendering, I must decide on a rendering speed vs. nice rendering basis, if I want to finish the anim in days, not weeks.




mad scripster.


Very cool stuff.


Sweet job! I look forward to seeing it in motion, especially if your use of camera motion is as creative as your other gear anims. I do like the first lighting setup better, tho… more dramatic.

what about a 1day long anim, so we can use it as a clock ? :wink:

First glimpse of an animation…

DivX 5.1 650kb

I do like the area light netter too…


Crazy stuff Stefano.



This is brilliant. I have nothing else to say… every fiber in my geek/techie body is crying for this script…