My new composite picture :smiley:

It needs a DOF blur I think.


Strange & kind of dreamy. I’m not really sure what you modelled. I’m thinking the clock & table? The scene has that weird 2D meets 3D feel. One thing that bothers me is the reflection on the table. Looks like the table is leaning because the reflections of the window are angled. They should have the same orientation. About the clock: the glare over the 12 seems in the way. Looks to me like the time of day would be in the 8-9pm range. I really think you should fix the reflection though. Otherwise, I do actually like the surreal look it has.

Yeap, I’d say the table reflections are the biggest problem. Maybe it’s your background mapping method - try the other options like ‘Tube’ or ‘Sphere’.

If you want more realism, then I’d also have to disagree with that. They sky outside is still half-lit, and that is around sunset/dawn IMHO. Unless sunsets do occur at 8-9 pm…

Still, it’s all way over my standards :stuck_out_tongue: . Nice work.

No wait, I just thought of something else about the reflections: did you set the table mesh to “smooth”? Because if you also modelled the table’s vertical edges, setting smooth will cause the top surface to look “rounded”, which shows up in the reflections even though the geometry is flat. Use auto-smooth instead, or don’t use smoothing at all.

Hope I’ve helped…

Hehehe… I was planning to use the exact same image for my scene, but due to it’s odd angled perspective view that I couldn’t match with the model I decided not to.