I think this is finisht , my pc crash if i made some changes.
But dont forget to comment this. Thanks.

Wait a minute, didn’t I see a topic with this on this forum before, deja-vu:confused:

yeah in the wip section , remember??

nice, but the earphones look larger than the ipod

Yeah, some of the proportions are a bit off, but the models themselves are pretty good. I think the background kind of brings it down, because it doesn’t seem to match the perspective of the render, and you can tell it’s a photo. I would go for a simple wall and use the book picture for the reflection on the clock.
One more thing, (if you’re still willing to work on this), I think you should put text on the book page. What you have now looks a bit odd for the inside of a book.
I like the piece of paper with the doodle; it really adds something to the scene IMO.
All in all, good, but if you worked on just a few things it could be even better.:eyebrowlift: