Clocked In: Festival Screenings/awards
my short “Clocked In” has been accepted to a couple international film festivals and i figure i should mention it in case anybody in the respective areas wanted to see a(nother) blender short on a larger screen/festival environment. I’ll update this thread if/when new things come along.

----------film info----------

2012 AMC Theaters Kansas City FilmFest
-Playing with 2 other films in the “Corporate FM” event.
AMC Main Street 6
Fri, April 13th, 8:30PM
Sat, April 14th, 3:45PM

The other two films “Corporate FM” and “Randy Parsons: American Luthier” look really cool, so i’d go see it if you live in kc and have nothing else on.

Also they asked me to send in a trailer for the film, and i didn’t have one, so i made one, watch below if you’re bored

![ ulfe-jWSAw.gif]( ulfe-jWSAw.gif)
![ peed.ic.Mspj5WY0Vt.jpg]( peed.ic.Mspj5WY0Vt.jpg)
DIY Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA) (DONE)
Awarded Best Animated Film!
Screenings TBA after gala event on March 3rd
Screen Social Book Club, 100 Leonard St, London EC2A 4RH
Wed 23rd November

![ peed.ic.TkzBoMbbH5.jpg]( peed.ic.TkzBoMbbH5.jpg)
Offshoot Film Festival (DONE)
Fayatteville, Arkansas, USA
Friday, Oct. 28, 4pm
New York Hell’s Kitchen Festival - Sept. 1-11 - NYC, USA (DONE)
Sept. 2nd at 1pm (indiehouse theater 1)
Sept. 3rd at 7pm (indiehouse theater 3)
Young Cuts International Film Festival - Sept. 29 - Oct. 2 - MTL, CAN (DONE)
see anouncement here:
more info here:
Oct.1 at 7pm (19:00)
Kansas International Film Festival (DONE)
more info here:
Thurs. Oct. 4 at 7:45pm (19:45)

i’ll update the page if there are any more screening anywhere else

That’s great news. Thanks for posting. It is a wonderful short. Best of luck!

Congratulations! I do hope that you’ll grab award or two along the way!

Hey best of luck!

thanks a lot! i want to submit to the suzanne awards too, but i’m not sure it qualifies since it’s 9 minutes long.

@ristesekuloski: not sure i’ll be baggin any awards, but it’s reward enough to be able to go to nyc to introduce my animation to a bunch of people in person. thanks for the thought!

UPDATE: Clocked In was accepted to The Kansas International Film Festival. This is aweosme because it’s a well established festival and it’s also not a far drive from my house!

Just an update

Clocked In will be screening at the Offshoot Film Festival in Fayatteville, Arkansas. If you live around the area, the shorts program starts at 4pm on Friday Oct. 28th. :slight_smile:

I also submitted to the suzannes, but it’s long shot because 1. it’s too long, and 2. not sure they’ll like it. blendernation rejected it as news-worthy when i finished it. i think the film community seem to like it more than the 3d community.

It’s also going to be part of this “Filmdemic” facebook app thing. not really a big deal. their distribution agreement is very friendly and they have non-exclusive rights to distribute it in their streaming app.

Hey. Haven’t seen it yet, but congrats on that level of international exposure. I think all Blenderheads should be proud when a cohort gets his film out globally. Greatness, and it just reflects well on all of us.
Where can I see the film again? I mean, is there a link to watch it online?

thanks a lot

that has link to the vimeo page and also a link to download the 720p h264 version

This is very impressive, it’s certainly the best blender project I’ve personally come across in a long while. The animation is very polished and I really like the style and energy of it. You definitely deserve a top row here and I’m sure Blendernation have made a mistake because it’s more news worthy than a lot of stuff that gets mentioned. Well done, you deserve it!

seanser, that means a lot, thank you. i just found out it wasn’t nominated to be shown at bconf, so that comment made me feel a lot better. It was really good timing and very nice of you regardless of timing. cheers


it will also be showing on november 23rd for Screen Social. See top post/website for details.

Great stuff! I might be able to go to the Screen social event.
(OT: how much is it to get in? Can’t see it on their website or is down to whatever donation you feel like giving?)

I couldn’t find anything either :frowning: - thats the website of the venue but i didn’t see anything

you might want a backup plan in the area in case it’s unreasonable. on the other hand, there might be some cool animation/film/music being show there and it might be worth it. i’m thinking it’s probably not much.

WOW!!! it is awesome.
The movie held me till the end.
The animation looks polished as well.

hey just an update. Clocked In won BEST ANIMATED FILM at the DIY Film Festival!!!

The schedule for films hasn’t been released yet but i’ll keep this thread updated when i find out. I’m an award winning animator now heyoooooooo. didn’t think that would happen.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! Those are some great news!

thanks again dude!

Congratulations, it must be very rewarding!

One question - where do you find information about these festivals and do you pick some of them in particular?

Well i’ve been rejected from a little under half that i’ve submitted so expect that. A lot of festivals have very different types of judges, and my short is definitely not going to be liked by everyone. The people who like it tend to like it a lot though.

I check festivals on and google, and i also search google… I’m not a wealthy dude (check to check-er) so often i only have the choice of looking for sthe lower priced.

so basically in short, i use without a box or google, and then try to find affordable festivals where the judges/target audience matches the film. The DIY Film Festival in particular i sought out because I’m big on DIY ethic.

UPDATE: Kansas City FilmFest!!!

Clocked In was one of a very few animations selected for the KC FilmFest

best of all. The laurels are RIBS instead of regular laurels! (KC is known for barbecue)

more info at

They asked me to send in a trailer, and i didn’t have one, so i made one, see below