clockproblem!? Speedlag

hello folks… I got a new computer, and a new type of problem I never had before… Due to my new computers awesomeness; I got speedlags… it´s then the framerate jumps from 60 to 90, the game runs too fast… and jump in framerates… so it make it even more unplayable… It´s possible to solve this if I restart the computer… but will reappear as fast I run blender a second time at same day… ( my computer runs whole day long).

I solved the framerate-jumping with “enable all frames” in Game-menu. But it´s still too fast… Anyhow I can lock the framerate at 60, so it can´t run faster than that?

Framerates shouldn’t affect gamespeed, they fixed that way back in 2.3something. Unless you’re, for some reason, setting your logic tic rate and your physics tic rate based on framerate (which would be stupid).

Which version of Blender are you using? Are you sure that it’s not just playing smoother, rather than faster?

To set a “maximum” framerate, you can enable VSync in your graphics card’s settings, which makes the maximum framerate equal to the refresh rate of the monitor. So if your monitor refreshes at 60hrtz, then it’ll lock the framerate at 60fps.