Clone but no face

I’ll describe this as best I could. I made a small beach but wanted to make it larger. So, I mirrored, then joined it. I followed the mirror process by duplicating it then scaled it to -1 while following the x axis. I joined them then connected the vertices between them…now there’s a problem. The faces are all missing from the original but the vertices are still there. In fact, both sides have vertices but only one has faces as seen in the picture. Did I do something wrong along the way or is there a easy way to add the faces between the vertices. Side note: When I render, it comes out looking perfect.


It seems you’re using textured display. Probably the face normals are in the wrong direction making it look this way. Select all faces and press Ctrl+N to have them all compute auotomatically, or select the “missing” faces, then Ctrl+F, Flip normals.

Thank you! When I joined the mirror to its counterpart, it messed with the normals. Reversing it fixed that problem.