Clone Trooper

I’m modeling a clone trooper but I have some basic knoweldege lost…
I would like to subsurf some shapes, but keeping some edges rought…

See the picture for understand it better… for example the “glasses”
I want them rounded but keeping the shapes of where the glass is rought!

How can I do it?

Thanks a lot!

try hitting set smooth with only those face selected in edit mode.

I’ve got a better way: Edge crease. To see what I mean, just create a cube and subsurf it, then select any 1 edge and hit Shift+E.

Also, I think you can add subsurf to only individual faces in edit mode. Not sure how good it works though, never tried.

The helmet looks pretty accurate, good luck on making the whole trooper.

Yeah I wanted to make a trooper too! Do you have blueprints or anything? Or just img of the trooper? I really want to do this!

i tried to make a trooper once, got the helmet done.

i found the best place to find pics of troopers that are not mid fight are the costumes made by fans. There are some websites with forums of people who make their own clone trooper suits right down to the visor.

Any links? I want it for a compositing. (REAL WORLD)

I have some images… I want to make a toon clone trooper, you know, with a bigger head and this…
I just used google images and deviant art, searching for clone trooper and I took the first images…

Bytheway, thanks a lot for the tips!! shift+e in edge after subsufing was what I wanted!!

Aah yes, just good ol google. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you attach the images to a post. Can’t really find any good trooper poses. All of them holding blasters, or something like that. :slight_smile: I also need lot’s morereferences for a battle droid. Any good website to find blueprints for Sci-Fi stuff?

That works, but I find using edge loops (Crtl-R) to make sharp subsurfed edges are a lot more user friendly - Edge Crease can create some weird distortions, I’ve found.

Oh, and BadChoice; Nice Start. Needs some smoothing and possibly an edgesplit modifier though - search the manual for more details. It’s a really useful tool.

Hey! I look what edgesplit is!

Here you have today’s progess I don’t like the shoulders so I’ll make them again, but the rest I think that is pretty OK!

As I said is a Toon Clone tropper :smiley:

What do you think about?

for a toon it look fine.

Haha funny little fella!

More Progress!!
Now I also added the armature :smiley: I really like it! Now texutres and some spaceship to make it more funny.

One question, how can I add a texutre to make the helmet look rusty and old? I’ve heared about bump textures but I don’t know if it is what I need…

That is awesome! Nice work modeling him! Can’t wait to see an animation maybe(?)!!

I’m not really good animating, but I have no problem in uploading the blend file, and if anyones wants to try it!
I’m still learning all the tools that blender has and other help is always welcome!

hahahaha i love it!, great characture.


.blend here please? (Prize? A composite of your trooper in real-word!)

Where do you upload .blend files? somewhere like imageshack?

I believe you can just add an attatchment. Great model though.