Cloned armature animation exports to.glb with unwanted translation

I have an object with 3 animations.

  • First: jump up animation
  • Second: exact copy of first animation. I need this cloned animation, because in my game I will run it with different speed than first animation
  • Third: side jump animation

When I export file to .glb and insert into my game, second animation is different than first - objects is translated to the right, in start position of animation 3.

Here is animation movie: ANIMATION GAME

Why this is happening? When I look into imported file in game, animation tracks for first and second animations are different. In track of second animation there is a “x” translation (not wanted), and in first there is no “x” translation (it’s good):

Here is the blender file:

It looks like you’re using three.js here — if so, you might be able to work around this issue by using .clone() to make a copy of the animation in your game, rather than trying to export two copies of the same thing.

Other than that, I’m not sure I understand the .blend (the three animations look very similar to me?) but you may need to report a bug on, especially if the .glb is incorrect when imported back into Blender.

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