Cloned light to the vertices of a box, hiding the box but not the lights?

Hi folks,

I have cloned pointlights to the vertices and also the faces of a box, it is done so by parenting the light to the box and check use vertices instancing on the box, but I don´t see a way to hide the box in the box visibillity, and unchecking it will also make the lights invisible.

So I just need a way to maintain the lights in the order it is cloned/instanced on faces or points, but now having that geometry showing.

Any ideas?

That’s interesting, I had never used this option, I can think of many uses.
There is an option under the instancing properties of the cube (where you selected use vertices for instancing) to show and hide the instancer in viewport and render.

show and disable instancer visibility doesn´t work, it turns of the lights as well unfortunately.
both eevee and cycles, blender 2.92 alpha, could be a bug in such case.

Yes, many things you can do with it, clone lights to points on a brain to show impulses, though you could use emission surfaces from geometry, or use particles for that matter, lots of light rigs etc.

make strange art with subsurface scattering from the lights, and distort the subsurface, like this…

Blah…of course it´s going wrong,
I was expecting the totally wrong thing here, if I use the above sample, I was just used to have emission surfaces showing in eevee, and expected the same for the lights, without volumetrics but with bloom.

So I think it is as it should be, will test with volumetrics.

And yes, it´s working…first it didn´t update properly in eevee, when I turned it on off, it went away anyway, but somehow I got it to work, could be a glitch somewhere.

so here´s a cube with face instanced lights, with volumetric background and some bloom, then I disabled show instancer.

The result is of course light´s not affecting any surface or color, thus only white lights, and also…there are more lights, because the first image with the instancer is of course hiding the other surface sides and blocking the lights on those faces.

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You had me double checking! :slight_smile: