Cloner... Kaminoan character.

Ok, this characters of Star Wars Series are the most beautifull for me, for this reason i’m starting to modeling one…

Hope you likes it

Without SSS

With SSS

And Some Wires

I always wondered about those blue creatures in the movie … got to admit that I only saw the show once, and it just never did for me. I suppose the magic was lost.

Your work is great . . . almost faithful to the original. Look forward to more updates!

Oh nice :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye on this. I really like this particular alien species! Keep at it.

Whoooa… …These are my favorite too :yes: …

You now I think you should change the SSS color to something more “blueish”, it looks a little strange.
Aside from that, the model’s very good :wink: .

(Btw, “Kamino” is written with “K”? :confused: , I always thought it was written with “C”. Maybe I was thinking of the Spanish word “Camino”, wich means “Path”, “Way” or “Pathway”, LOL)

Thanks man!!!

And yes, is written with “K”:

Now that I think of it, “Camino”, actually means someting between “Road” & “Way”; the word “Road” by itself could also mean “Carretera”, & “Way” can be translated in diferent ways (one of wich is “Camino”) depending on the phrase, that last one should be translated “Manera” or “Forma”. “Path” & “Pathway” are more alike “Senda” or “Vereda”, but tecnically, they could all mean “Camino”.
Crap, what am I talking about? (if I don’t know myself… :no: )

Anyway, when are you postnig another render? :smiley: .

looks better without SSS

Very good job. I, who have seen every episode of Star Wars probably a hundred times, cannot see any problems so far. Keep up the good work.

Kaminoans!!! :smiley: awesome!

is that Taun We? (no idea how it’s spelled… she’s the Kaminoan who greets Obi when he arrives on the planet)