cloning done in blender

here are some vids

Very well done.

Funny and well done!

Keep on going!

how is this done in blender??? Blender for video editing?

It is not all that hard it just takes some thinking basically you just have to make certain portions of the video see though so it looks like one whole frame.

Do you think I should make a tutorial of how to do this???

if so tell me and I will try.

yeah dude :slight_smile: make a tutorial !! use jpgs and html, nothing to fancy. I bet allot of people would apreciate

I was thinking along the lines of a video tutorial but sure I will do it it might take a wile though.

try using camtasia studio - or go to and search for “desktop capture” there are a lot of free video screencap softwarez that will make your life easier making a video tutorial. by which I mean to say MAKE A VIDEO TUTORIAL! really great video. I would love to know how you did this (alpha masks? roto?). I’ve totally ignored blender as an NLE program because I use aftereffects and premiere for everything. but it hit me that blender probably uses my quad core much more efficiently than aftereffects for rendering which has this buggy plugin (nucleo) that is the only way it will even look at more than one CPU. does the compositor/editor support DV compressed AVIs or only raw with no codecs?

great work. keep it up.

I am working on the tutorial as I type it wont be to advanced just tellling you what you need to do to get it done I will probably do an other one once I learn more and yes blender can do these thing not that it makes it beter at it truthfuly I dont Know.

PS. once I learn more and have more time probably after thanksgivinh I will probably overhuale the tutorial I am doing and get technical but for now I just want to get it done.

OK I have a quick tutorial done I am uploading it to goggle video. I will do a better one late this one I am doing is rushed due to me trying to get it done because I will be busy all week. Any one maby know of some where that can host the full file.

the link is here if anyone is wondering:

Good tutorial! i’m going to give it a try :smiley: -------» thanks for the tutorial ! and you can use this site to upload up to 1gb.

Ok thanks I was going to post the link today. I will look into that site becase from my experience it helps th have the video full resolution.

PS. Do you guys think bitorrent might work???.

im mighty fine with bittorrent, tho i could contact vitaliy about hosting your video tut at :slight_smile:

Personally, I hate video tutorials. Any chance of a text guide? Like what was suggested earlier with HTML?

Great work,
Just a couple of points for you to ponder:

Firstly, it looks like you’re rendering the scene for each frame. Saving out the matte produced by the scene to a PNG or similar, and then using an Image node will increase render times dramatically.

Secondly, a recommendation: I discovered CamStudio a while back. It is free and fully functional, no 30 trial or yellow demo tag. Have a look:

OK I will try to make a text tutorial.

Um ok I will look into those points and rework it.

And What is a Good Vid format to use???

OK here is a link for the tutorial to download

it is windows media video 23 megs

will post a Linux and mac compatible file as soon as possible

Dude Awesome ill have to try it this way

when i did it i hadent seen this yet so i did it difffrently with a slightly diffrent resualt
useing the video editor part o had 2 of me there but i was a ghost

cool this is great for people who cant afford video effects software!