Cloning Like 3D Max

I switch from 3D Max to blender about 6 months ago, and I’m very happy I did. But there is one thing I can’t figure out. I know that Shift+D will clone an object once. But, in 3D Max you could clone an object and move it and it would ask how many copies you wanted. I would then make how ever many copies of the object you said and evenly space them equal to the spacing of the first clone you made.

Is this possible in Blender. I know about DupliFrames, but I’m looking for something much simpler.

Any help would be great.

Have you tried using the array modifier that should give you want you want.
link >


that is just what I need.

Well, the array modifier does do it, but not very efficient. I don’t think Blender have that feature Max have where you can specify the number of copies.

You’ll need to adjust parameters and offset distance but even so, you only can select 1 of the clones - namely the original or base mesh you cloned from.

You could apply the array modifier onto the mesh so that you can select all the clones but those clones would belong to the same mesh (all vertices are in the same mesh).

This is no different from selecting your mesh you want to clone and using the Extrude Dup feature in the F9 editing menu when you’re in edit mode. Actually, if you are fine with all the vertices of the clone belonging to one mesh only rather than having separate meshes, then Extrude Dup would be faster than using the array modifier.

You can also do this with “Dupliverts”. ie: Duplicate object on vertex.

Basically you make a mesh which has vertex where you want each copy of the object to be cloned.

Then, select the object to be cloned, and SHIFT select the mesh to be used as the guide, and parent them.

Then click on the “Duplivert” button. Voila! And to change the positions, just edit the guide mesh.

Blender’s great and all, but if you already have 3ds max and know how to use it well, I wouldnt worry about switching. Isnt 3ds max still like $3k?

Then why have I seen 3DS Max users switch to Blender?:wink:
Many people would agree Blender will end up rivaling that software the way development just accelerates.

I would think the Array modifier would be a good way, you’d have to apply it but you can get multiple copies.

3ds max is dead. Autodesk is just slapping on updates while not improving the core of the program itself and stamping out its many bugs. Oh, and just because it costs 3000 dollars doesn’t mean it’s any better than Blender.

The duplivert option gives you much more control then the array modifier.

I know its not better than blender, Im no fool. I wasnt aware that theyve let it go though, as I recall it being thought of very highly a few years ago. Sorry if you thought I was insulting Blender, I think Blenders an amazing program.

They didn’t neccesarily let it go through, it’s just that the program isn’t improving much with its yearly updates, and they haven’t worked on bugs that have been around since the beginning of the program. Autodesk is giving all the attention to Maya now anyway.

Well, the only good thing about Max (in my opinion) is the fact that all the plugins for exporting to a format that a game recognizes are for Max. Speaking of this, does anybody know if it’s possible to make a Max export script for Blender?

Just for my personal comparison, here’s what I could do in Max(well, technically gMax, but that’s just a cut-down version of Max)
This is what I can do in Blender.

3ds max bieng dead = another program lost to blender. Next: Maya is fake after all, Then: Houdini preforms it’s final dissappering act.

rm5248: If it was possible to write max import/export script for Blender, I believe it would have been already done. The problem with max format AFAIK is that it has not been well enough documented as it is a closed format. Collada and obj are good alternatives.

Well, it is possible to export to .3ds format. I was just wondering if I could use Max plugins (that end in .dle) in Blender. I’m pretty sure it’s not possible though.