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it’s not so funny when it’s reality. :wink:

(acasto) #3

it’s not so funny when it’s reality.

But reality is hilarious. You ever watch any standup? :wink: :slight_smile:

(snowy_duck) #4

ha ha ha ha ha he he he he he ho ho ho ho ho…ect ect ect

thats a good one ever think about doing a comedy central roast?

(valarking) #5

Ya, I like the reality guys like Jerry Seinfeld.
But the whole stupid Maya users thing gets on my nerves real bad.

(Dittohead) #6

not just maya users, 3ds max and many other extremly expensive 3d apps.

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valarking please dont turn this into a flamewar. when i made this thread i didn’t intend to make a flamewar.

(jonnierod) #8

valarking please dont turn this into a flamewar.

I don’t see a flamewar there, he just doesn’t like making fun of people, maybe.

We’re all happy to be doing cg for free, but isn’t the making fun of people who buy other stuff getting a little old? I’ve been hearing it for years now, it loses it’s effect after awhile and you just hunker down and start using Blender for what it is.

And the joke isn’t a joke. No offense but I don’t see the humor in it. More like a statement of fact.[/img]

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:o :o :o :-? :-?

EVERYWHERE i go i get flamed for using blender.

can’t i just for once say something about it??

but no i get two people telling me i have no right saying these things.

i can’t believe this. i ask people not to turn this into a flame war and it starts going there. no ones flamed yet but it’ll get there.

so someone please lock this thread!!! :frowning: :frowning:

(hannibar) #10

EVERYWHERE i go i get flamed for using blender.

Please don’t take offence, but if you make real good stuff, people will respect you anyway, no matter what tool you use. Take a look at rustboy for example.

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just lock this stupid thread before it turns into a flamewar!!!

(halibut) #12

i dont get it (the joke) :frowning:

I also dont understand whos flaming who?

Dont worry, be happy :smiley:

  • halibut

(jonnierod) #13

wtf dude?

Maybe you missed what I said…

I don’t see a flamewar there, …

No one sees a flame war here but you. It’s alright, relax a little. Just cause someone doesn’t find your joke funny doesn’t make it a flamewar. Besides, if you can’t take a little constructive criticism then maybe you shouldn’t label people as “MayaGeek”… I know I wouldn’t like to be called a BlenderDork or something like that.

I love Blender. I also use 3DSMax. I like them both. I don’t have to put down one to like the other. No ones flaming you for using Blender, cause… we all use it to. :o But saying something nice about Blender is a lot different than saying something bad about something else.

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i said the thread was going to turn into a flamewar not that it was. read my posts!!!

nevermind just lock this soon-to-be-flamewar.

(thatbrikwal) #15

geez… dittohead you are really, really, really lock-happy… :wink:

(jonnierod) #16

i said the thread was going to turn into a flamewar not that it was. read my posts!!!

Awfully civil for someone who doesn’t want to start a flame war. You’re the only one gone spastic here. No one else has had a problem.

Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Posting PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD as the topic just because someone disagreed with you… that’s a little egocentric.

By all means, please close this thread. The longer it continues, the lower my IQ. It’s just getting scary. Have fun in life with that thick shell, I’m out of here.


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AARRGGGHH run for the hills

(jonnierod) #18


That was good lucky

(Riskbreaker) #19

You know, it just occured to me that this thread wont get locked for a few reasons, but mainly coz your asking for it to be locked :slight_smile:

I tell ya what you go to do though, is say something really nasty, i mean something completely obsurd…then watch others follow suit and soon there-after one of the mods will have it gone…be careful though, you dont want to get banned :smiley:

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someone already tried that and only to get his post deleted from the thread… :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I’m moving this to Off Topic, I bet you know why.